Teaching @ Swinburne (2011-2018)

AVA10005 - Aviation Regulation and Operations (Undergraduate)


The aim of this unit is to equip students with a broad and coherent body of knowledge about the aviation regulatory environment with focus on specific areas related to aviation operations.

This unit (course) covers the following topics:

  • Aero-political Framework

      • Historical context of the aero-political environment

      • Contemporary political and economic issues facing the aviation industry such as carbon/environmental trading schemes, skills shortages and alternate fuels

      • Future political and economic challenges which will shape the industry

      • Introduction to Aviation Insurance

  • International Regulatory Environment

      • Key international conventions applicable to aviation.

      • Key international bodies and their role in the aviation industry.

  • Australian Domestic Aviation Regulatory Environment

      • Overview of key domestic legislation and regulations

      • Air Operators certificate

      • Aircraft Certification

      • Introduction to Quality Management Systems

      • Introduction to Risk Management

      • Introduction to Safety Management Systems

  • Aviation issues

      • Security

      • Extended Diversion Time Operations (EDTO)

      • Aviation Fuel

      • Simulation

      • Aircraft Evaluation and Selection

AVA40004 & AVA40006 - Aviation Research Project (Part I & Part II, Undergraduate)


These two units (courses) are the capstone projects for all aviation undergraduate programs. In their last year of study, students are expected to work in groups, identify a research topic of their interests, conduct a literature review, select appropriate theoretical framework, collect primary or secondary data, perform necessary data analysis, summarize research findings, draw conclusions, and draft a professionally formatted research manuscript.