Teaching @ Purdue (2018-Present)

AT10200 - Aviation Business (Undergraduate)

Course Overview

This course provides a framework to understand the basics of the aviation industry. Students will study the history and the current status of aerospace manufacturers, commercial airlines, general aviation, and the domestic and international aviation regulatory framework.

This course aims to provide a broad contextual background of both early and modern air transportation, resulting in awareness of “how” and “why” the global air transportation system looks and operates as it does today, while inviting the student to think about and offer their own opinions for meeting today’s air transportation challenges. The course also gives students an introductory glimpse at some of the latest trends and efforts in modernizing the future air transportation sector.

AT33800 - Airline Management (Undergraduate)

Course Overview

This course provides aviation students with a basic understanding of the air transportation industry. Primarily focusing on the operational environment of airlines, this course covers various contemporary topics such as the regulatory framework, the business environment, business strategies, network design, customer service, airport infrastructure, operational planning and control, recourse planning, ramp operations, baggage operations and operational safety.

AT54600 - Aviation Financial Instruments and Operations (Graduate)

Course Overview

The course concentrates on increasing the understanding of financial expertise in analyzing trading and hedging programs for application in reducing aviation operational risk exposure. The studies include research into the development and use of operational indexes and their possible relations to hedging with commodity and security instruments. Emphasis will be placed on the understanding of current operational measurements and correlations to trading and hedging financial instruments in providing improved risk management in operational environments.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • The business environment

  • Accounting basics

  • Finance statements

  • Mathematics of finance

  • Time-series data analysis

  • Equity markets

  • Debt markets

  • Options

  • Foreign Exchange

  • Fuel hedging

  • Airline business

  • Airport business

AT54700 - Airline Revenue Management (Graduate)

Course Overview

This course aims to provide students with an understanding of airline revenue management. Primarily focusing on the commercial operation of airlines, this course covers various contemporary topics such as the segmentation, inventory control, forecasting, budgeting and pricing.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Demand estimation

  • Pricing

  • Booking classes

  • Inventory control

  • Spillage & Spoilage

  • Group management

  • Forecasting

  • Product distribution